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Christine's Signature Facial

A true customer favorite, our Signature Facial restores the balance and natural beauty of your skin. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a mask, and will leave your skin hydrated, clear and glowing.


Gentleman's Facial

Customized specifically for men, this facial relieves irritation due to shaving, detoxifies and cleanses the skin. Your skin will be refreshed and in optimal condition.


Teen Facial

This deep pore facial includes a thorough skin analysis, deep-cleansing exfoliation, extractions and clay mask. This treatment leaves troubled and hormonal skin clear and refreshed. Tips on home care included.


Seaweed Facial

This unique facial utilizes deep sea minerals and vitamins that nourish and hydrate sensitive and reactive skin.      Provides instant radiance by soothing and brightening, while minimizing redness.


Glycolic Facial

Combat the signs of aging with this luxurious skin resurfacing treatment. Highly effective in treating fine lines, acne, pigmentation and sun damaged skin.


Puracne Facial

Ideal for acne prone skin, this revolutionary oxygenating treatment combats congestion, bacteria and inflammation, leaving skin clear and revitalized.


Oxygen Facial

This anti-congestion treatment utilizes oxygen infused with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which nourish and repair your skin cells. This facial will leave your skin radiant and youthful.


Hydrolifting Facial

Give your skin an instant lift and glow with this luxurious masque treatment. This powerful anti-aging treatment purifies, energizes, and moisturizes fatigued skin. 


Vitamin C Facial

Restore skin’s youthful appearance with our powerful antioxidant treatment. This highly effective anti-aging treatment promotes cell regeneration and stimulates collagen synthesis.


Detox Facial

This triple detox treatment clears and minimizes pores’ appearance. Utilizing Japanese white charcoal to purify and balance the skin. Great for all skin types. 


Papaya Facial

A deeply cleansing and exfoliating facial utilizing papaya enzymes to polish and brighten dull complexions. Moisturizing antioxidants helps keep the skin nourished, balanced and hydrated.


Botinol Facial

The ultimate anti-aging treatment, get a botox-like effect without injections. You will immediately notice relaxed expression lines, reduced wrinkles and glowing skin. 


Collagen Facial

A luxurious anti-aging treatment that helps stimulate the production of collagen, this treatment firms the skin, reduces fine lines and leaves you with a plump and beautiful glow. 


Phyto Stem Cell Facial

Reverse the signs of aging with this highly advanced treatment. Recommended for repairing damaged skin, this facial will leave your skin youthful and radiant.


Diamond Radiance Facial

This decadent, anti-aging facial combines deep exfoliation with active ingredients that promote elasticity and resiliency. Visibly increases skins luminosity. 


Aromatherapy Oil

Add Ons

Extra Extraction Time

Hand or Foot Keratin

Milla Extractions


Collagen Eye Treatment

HydraFacial Extractions

Enzymatic Treatment

Mini Peel

LED Blue Lights

LED Red Light


Seaweed Mask

Add Ons
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